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Endless Web is an experimental 2D adventure/platformer that explores how to deeply integrate procedural content generation into both game mechanics and aesthetics. The world is procedurally generated as the player moves through the game, shifting according to choices that the player makes. In Endless Web, players must search through the procedural rather than the physical space of the game in order to complete their objectives.

In Endless Web, players take on the persona of an Eidolon, one of the mysterious beings that live in the human dreamscape. It is their charge to keep the byways of human dreams safe from nightmares. As the youngest of the Eidolon, you must explore the Dream and find the six human dreamers trapped inside their nightmares. As you approach the dreamers, their fears alter and color the world around you.

Endless Web uses procedurally generated content to mirror the vast, non-euclidian spaces of dreams, where you can run in one direction forever and never reach anywhere, or take what seems to be a simple passageway and find yourself in a completely new location.

The game has been developed at UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Games and Playable Media and Northeastern University’s Playable Innovative Technologies Lab.